First Post! - Memoirs of a Marine Commander of 7th Communication Battalion
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Jerry Simpson
12/11/2009 08:10:08

I remember that the S3A was a good-looking woman who recently graduated from the University of Southern California, where she played in the band. She decided she wanted to marry Lt "Dissolute Habits" and no one in the battalion could change her mind. The two of them were later assigned to Quantico. The marriage fell apart after only four months.

David Morris
4/29/2010 07:28:00

I was with 7th comm as a wireman (2512)when Major John Cole was the CO of HQBN. He was one of the best officers I ever met in my entire tour.

1/22/2011 17:27:06

hey looking for all them jarhead leather neck from eer's platoon hansen,okwa 1994 &95.
what's up? get up with 850-694-6491

Charlie Pangle
6/7/2011 15:45:00

Do you know what became of Major Bill Maupin ?

Thomas Jeffords
12/22/2012 18:15:46

I served in 7th Communications Battalion, with the Line Company as the Company Draftsman, from June 1981 to June 1982.

Thomas Jeffords
12/22/2012 18:29:15

I was just looking through my military records and realized that you signed my corporal promotion paper work on the 1st of May 1982. I do remember you. I am the one who repainted the Camoflage Battalion sign in front of the Battalion Headquarters Building. Semper Fi

Lance Waller
7/14/2013 01:36:46

I served with 7th Comm. Bn. throughout 1982 and participated in the "Team Spirit" exercise at Taegu, Korea that winter. While serving in the MUX Platoon (Multi-channel mobile radio communications) my platoon commander was 1st Lt. Rawlings, second in charge was Gysgt. Dukakis, later W.O. Smith took over for Lt. Rawlings.

The BN received a new BN 1st Sgt. (short hispanic guy who was first rate) just prior to leaving for Korea and Team Spirit. I had an opportunity to get to know him well as I was the NCO in charge of approximately 10 Marines that were not participating in Team Spirit and were in the process of rotating back to the US.

I was the Mimms clerk for my platoon and was left behind to take receipt of replacement equipment which I was then to accompany to join up with my unit at Team Spirit. Unknown to myself and later reported 2 days following my departure from Camp Hansen to Taegu, a Lcpl Lauren Dietrich of my platoon had committed murder. I read an account of this in the following week's edition of the Pacific Stars and Stripes. I have fond memories of Camp Hansen, 7th Comm Bn. and the Marine's with which I served there. GREAT Memories.

Given the current downsizing of the Marine Corps, my son chose to attend Army ROTC and will be commissioned a 2nd Lt. at the end of this month. He is the seventh generation of my family to serve in the armed forces of this country. It seems we have served in every branch of the military with the exception of the US Coast Guard.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my memories here and would appreciate the opportunity to hear more from my fellow 7th Comm. Bn. Marines! Semper Fi! Lance Waller (CPL-Retired)

Brian Davis
12/31/2015 06:18:14

I remember the night the two were arrested. We in Motor T watched in disbelief as NCIS and the MPs arrested him and searched his locker and "Cube". I too have fond memories of Hansen.

Brent Siler
9/13/2014 16:32:34

Lance it has been 31 years and I still remember your big meat head. You, Rybak and some guy that wore pantyhose to weave his hair, gave me the boot treatment when I arrived in Dec 82. I remember as well when Dietrich killed the Taxi driver, who turned out to be the Governor of Kin-Ville's brother
The people I remember best was, 1st Sgt Pasada, Gunny D. Gunny Nunez, Bob H (from California), Garcia (WM), Reynolds, Franks, Dave Hendiliter, Joe Gibbs, Dave Adkins, Amaya (little Mex), and a few others that slip an old man’s memory. I have photos of most everyone.

Coming back from Bear Hunt and landing at Kadena AF Base the MP’s had the dogs do a drug sniff of all our gear and Dave Hendiliter's gear got picked by the dog. Man he was in a world of hurt, they tore his stuff apart and found what appeared to be Pot seeds in his cold weather sleeping bag. Not sure what happened to him as he rotated state site.

The Shangri La, Sgt Peppers, Popeyes for Beef Yakisoba, weekends to Gate 2 St. Everyone was buying Bose 901 speakers, Real-2-Real decks. Every Thursday Field day was like a battle of the stereos. Walking Fire Watch in the partition open squad bay, Typhoon Radio Watch, Kin Blue Beach and traveling the Island to get away from other Marines.

I have to say 7th Comm LL CO was a good first fleet assignment. There was a great group of guys there from 82-83 and we had such freedom during that time. For a 18 young man traveling the first time outside the US this really it was an experience.

I stayed in the Corps until July 1991 serving the years at Camp Lejeune at 2nd Force Recon 2nd FSSG, 10 Marines Alpha Battery, 2Bn 8th Marines before being injured in Israel. I now live in the Bay Area

Lance Waller
7/17/2015 19:18:53


What a TRIP! You've got a great memory! I've got a couple of pics of you and the rest of that crazy gang of pirates! Jim Beam, Hinderliter, Ryback etc. Fun times my man! Hey, I'm still friends with a a Microwave guy from our platoon... Michael Crose. The world is too small and it's awesome to see you here. If you read this make contact with me via my e-mail address Great to hear from buddy you made my day!

Larry Parish
8/13/2015 10:12:29

I was in 7th Comm. Bn. at camp Pendleton [ Camp Horno ] And I was in the7th Comm. group that went to Okinawa In 1960 And we was at camp Kinser And all of are trucks and equipment was at Camp Hanson This was before nam. started. We was the only Comm. Co. I am told on Okinawa at this time. I just wondered If there are any old timers back then still around. Would like to hear from you.

Brian Davis
12/31/2015 06:12:41

I joined was assigned in May of 1982 in Motor Transport. Yes the equipment was worn out but let's be honest. I was 18 and the newest truck we had was rebuilt in the mid 1960s. I showed up just in time for a PFT. Acclimation time... three days. My first truck was an M35 number 370965. My last truck was the M49 number 393063. I was reassigned in 1984 to 1st Tanks.


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